Sep 10 2014

Woman Pays Insurance Premiums, Does Not Have Insurance

An Eastside mommy signed up and paid for insurance coverage on the Washington State Health PlanHealth insurance Finder then discovereddiscovered she isn’t really covered.

Serena Carlson-Nett got divorced in June. That made her eligible to sign up through the Washington Exchange. She started paying for coverage set to begin in July. She paid $332 a month. When she hadn’t gotten her insurance card, 6 weeks later she began calling Premera. Premera hadn’t become aware of her.

“I’m paying this money for my wellness insurance coverage and I’m not covered. I can’t go to the physician tomorrow if I get unwell,” said Serena Carlson-Nett.”The details varied each call I made. What’s the constant message? There is none,” she added.Carlson-Nett is not alone

. The state acknowledges there were 28,000 individuals, or 1 in 5, who were not able to use their insurance coverage due to billing problems. Wednesday afternoon the state said that number is down to 3,000 to 5,000 having problem. KIRO 7 asked exactly what took place to Carlson-Nett’s coverage.”The documentation could have been submitted and subsequently catalogued and it just had not been flagged for evaluation,”stated Michael Marchand of Washington Health PlanHealth insurance Finder. He stated it was an error by the state. Workers failed to review her files and send them to the insurance carrier. After KIRO 7 inquired about Carlson-Nett’s coverage, the state examined her documents and sent it to Premera. She should have her coverage start in a few days. When it comes to the 28,000 people having problem with the website, the state says that number is now down to 3,000 to 5,000. They are working to get the problems addressed in the next few weeks.”It’s our intent to have all the issues addressed is not in the past, a minimum of by the next open enrollment duration which is November, since we need to, “stated Marchand.Carlson-Nett is still doubtful about when she’ll in fact get her insurance coverage cards in the mail. She added,” If somebody doesn’t understand how to promote for themselves, they’re essentially screwed.”