Apr 07 2015

Student Support Solutions Instruct On Budgeting

The Student Support Solutions (SSS) held a workshop on March 10 to instruct students about budgeting. The hour long informational helped students in the program to understand the best ways to examine their budgeting and how to enhance from it.The first half of the workshop was talking about 10 steps that lots of students face when dealing with budgeting and how to have a clear understanding of spending on requirements and luxuries. The other half was committed to students writingjotting down and looking at their own month-to-month spending plans. This enabled students to envision where mosta lot of their money went and how they could change these habits.One idea SSS pointed out in their workshop is that budgeting is a tool of measurement. It allows us to see a pattern of exactly what are investing includes. Also, that students ought to beware of spending creeps. This can be triggered by our sense of security within our occupation that we feel we have actually striven enough to make the freedom to invest more than we make.Three simple steps that can help keep students investing to a minimum

are to 1)recognize our spending 2) evaluate your spending by acknowledging patterns and 3)track future spending. Bank statements are a good methodan excellent way to begin budgeting.Shaun Gephart( senior, Sociology )who is a peer advisor for SSS presented this as part of the TRIO program. SSS is a branch of the TRIO that is moneyed by the United States Department of Education. This service supplies a chance for those students that are underserved and are in danger of not obtaining an education, assisting those with low income, impairments and first generation. “On a monthly basis we have to do some sort of financial literacy it is a requirement for the program

so that we can offer students recommendations on financial aid, scholarships, and budgeting was a concept I developed. We have refrained it in some time and now that the economy has actually changed it is always a good tip where everyone is at with their finances,”Gephart said.For more details on SSS and how to belong to the program you can email them at sss@csustan.edu or call at 667-3220.